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  • Equity Payment is a payment processing company. We can help you process any type of payment that you find in your business model, including credit or debit cards, checks, gift cards, loyalty cards, fleet cards, or mobile payments. Equity Payment understands that closing every sale is essential, regardless of how the customer wants to pay. Plus, you can be sure those payments are processed quickly and securely. Whether you are a local retailer or an online global marketer, Equity Payment can help you expand your business. We'll help you capture sales, increase revenue, and resolve any issues.

  • Equity Payment is the ideal partner for any financial institution, community bank or member association. Equity Payment has programs tailored for your industry that we can customize to fit your needs, including lower rates for your members/customers, a greater revenue stream, world class customer service, or all of the above. Equity Payment can build the perfect program for you. Our partners are uniquely positioned to support current and future payment needs. Our value-added resellers gain access to leading products like Clover POS, which allows them to better serve their customers.

  • At Equity Payment, we are always seeking entrepreneurial and motivated individuals to join our team and market our merchant services, value-added programs and payment technology solutions to businesses and industries of all types and sizes. We offer flexible and aggressive revenue sharing is designed to fit your needs and financial objectives. Plus we have a dedicated support team that is your personal resource for questions and general information. From cost comparisons to applications, we’re here to guide you, and ensure that you have the tools and resources you need.

Why Equity Payment?
We focus on customer service

Simply stated: True Customer Service. We fight hard to protect your money.

We'll help you capture sales, increase revenue, and resolve any issues that come up. At Equity Payment, we get everyone in the company involved in customer service. That way we not only get to know the customer, we also get a feeling for what's not working. That's the key, listening to make sure we understand our customers and that they know we hear them and understand their problems. When they call, they know we are there to find the solutions.

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