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Accept Payments Wherever You Are!

The ability to accept payment anywhere at any time is vital for many merchants. Equity Payment provides mobile solutions that will facilitate your ability to accept payments wherever you are. Many business transactions take place at any number of different venues outside of a merchant’s base of operations. Business may be conducted at customer locations, trade shows, festivals, food trucks, sporting or community events, outdoor markets, etc.

For busy mobile merchants a credit card processing solution that is as mobile as they are is an absolute requirement! Plus, our mobile solutions are fully encrypted secure transactions that are PCI Compliant, and they are processed in real time. Plus, they are compatible with all major smartphone brands and servicesn.

The Benefits of
Mobile Processing

Mobile credit card processing from Equity Payment utilizes the power of a smartphone or tablet. Your preferred device becomes a handheld credit card swiper that functions exactly like a retail counter top version. From credit cards to debit cards, EMV chips or NFC payments like Apple Pay, Clover Mobile accepts a full suite of payment types.

Swipe cards anywhere the sale happens.

Once you have a merchant account for mobile processing from Equity Payment, you simply download the Clover Mobile app to your device and you’re ready to begin accepting major credit cards and signature debit cards. You can swipe cards anywhere the sale happens, side stepping time-consuming manual entry of data while saving on processing fees at the same tim.

Secure data transmission and fraud alerts.

Mobile credit card processing with Clover offers the same secure data transmission and fraud alerts as traditional processing solutions. Receipts can be emailed to your customers, so you can avoid the hassle of a printer and paper rolls.

Grow Your Business
by Going Mobile

Equity Payment is at the forefront of mobile payment solutions! By enabling our merchants to conduct business wherever it takes them, our merchants can effectively expand their market share. Mobile credit card processing offers you the power to accept all major credit cards and signature debit cards just about anywhere.

Learn more about the many great benefits of mobile credit card processing from Equity Payment by filling out the form on our contact page or calling the toll-free number, and we’ll respond to get the conversation started.

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